How to Order

All prescription requests will be dealt with by Danielle, our Prescriptions Manager.

Recent changes to the Prescription Line

By Phone

As of Monday 26th September, the Prescription Line phone line is open:

Monday and Tuesday 10:00am - 13:00pm

Wednesday to Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm.

An answer phone is in place to leave requests for regular repeat medications only, between 8:00am and 10:00am, and from the closure of prescription line each day, until 15:00pm.

This means the answer phone times will be:

Monday and Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am and 13:00pm - 15:00pm

Wednesday to Friday: 8:00am - 10:00am and 12:00pm - 15:00pm

When using the answer phone system, please ensure that you speak clearly and slowly, leaving your name, date of birth, patient number (if known), the medication required and the destination of the prescription (for example, 'Lloyds Victoria Park' or 'collect at surgery').
Messages will be read once daily only, therefore please allow 2 working days from the surgery and up to 3 working days from the pharmacies. For example if a message is left at 8am on a Tuesday, the prescription will be available from the surgery on Thursday afternoon, or a pharmacy on Friday. If left in the afternoon it will be logged and issued the following day.

By Post

If you have the computer-printed list of your repeat prescriptions, tick the ones you need and return this. It can either be posted into us or dropped into the repeat prescription box in the foyer.


Alternatively you can complete our online Repeat Prescriptions form or request via Patient Access if you have a live account. You can request a registration form for Patient Access here.

Where to collect your prescription

Unless you specify otherwise, we will assume that you will collect your prescription from the surgery.

We can return prescriptions by return of post if you use a stamped addressed envelope. Always ensure you include your postcode.

It is possible to arrange for a local pharmacy to collect and process your prescription directly from the surgery. Pharmacies offering the service include:

  • Superdrug, Fore Street, Bridgwater - (01278) 453569
  • Boots, Fore Street, Bridgwater - (01278) 421119
  • Quayside Chemist, East Quay, Bridgwater - (01278) 440414
  • Lloyds, North Pertherton - (01278) 662288

Important confidentiality notice regarding prescriptions

If you ask a friend or relative to collect or order your prescription, please be aware that they will be able to see all of the medication you have been prescribed (not just the ones that are ordered), as well as any doctor's notes which may be attached to the script. Medication queries may also be discussed with them.

By asking another person to collect/order your medication it will be assumed that you are giving consent for them to have access to this information.

How long it takes

Prescription Requested * Ready for Collection from practice
Before 12:00pm From noon the next working day
After 12:00pm From noon two working days later

If you have arranged for a pharmacy to collect and process your prescription (other than Lloyds Pharmacy at Victoria Park), please allow two extra working days before collecting your medication, i.e. if you put in your prescription request on Monday morning, your medication will be ready for collection from noon on Thursday.

* For prescriptions ordered online, or by post, the 'Prescription Requested' time will be when the order is received by the surgery, not when you sent it.

Quantities Issued

Following National Guidelines the maximum amount of drugs we issue at one time is one month's supply.